Meet Jim Martin

A 30+ year career in service and building brands.

Jim Martin began his career in commercial real estate, where he learned the value of patience and persistence. From there he went into restaurant management that taught him the importance of quality and service. Next he went into paper manufacturing, software and promotional brand product sales where he discovered the importance of strong relationships, long-term thinking and planning. In 2009, Jim launched Neary Martin and applied all of his professional experience, life lessons and honest approach into his own business and passion...Brand Management.

Neary Martin is built on service, dependable service! When our clients hang up the phone, they are confident that WE GOT THIS! Where the job is done right, on-time and within budget.

Jim is celebrating 30 years of marriage to his wife Peggy Neary-Martin, who also plays an active role in the day-to-day business. Jim is all about family and values. He has four active kids, enjoys sports  (baseball in particular), and relaxing with family and friends. Sox or Cubs?...Born & raised on the south side of Chicago, should answer that question very quickly!



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